Hemp Seeds

Change Your Food Intake and Improve Your Health

Your body needs minerals in certain proportions. The essential minerals needed by your body are Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Your body needs these minerals both inside and outside your body cells. When the proportion of these minerals changes significantly at any part of the body, it will affect the biochemistry of your body and will result in the death of some cells.

Herbs, the Foundation of Medicine: Luffa

While herbs grow all around us, most of us rarely stop to consider what benefit a particular plant may have for us. I have to admire the people of long ago who have taken the time to observe and experiment with herbs and pass on the knowledge they have gained.

Learn Reiki to Start Healing Yourself and Others

You can learn the energy healing of Reiki to manage and cure just about any ailment. These methods have been studied for years and are proven to work with studies conducted in hospitals and by universities across the world.

3 Steps That Will Ensure Your Success Towards Your Vision

In part 1 to Make 2015 your most successful year ever, we went over the process of visioning, what it is and why it is important. Part 2 is to decide on action steps that will move you forward towards your vision so you pursue the most important things in your health and your life. This is not about creating additional pressures by pushing yourself to accomplish too much, too soon. This is meant to be simple and fun!

10 Reasons to Use Aloe Vera Juice

Using Aloe Vera to heal the body isn’t the health trend of this century. Ancient cultures have used the sap of the aloe plant to heal all types of ailments. I am going to share some of the amazing findings about this healing plant. Maybe Aloe Vera will someday be the answer to your health concerns.

Nature Vs Antibiotics

I take one scoop of Lauricidin every day. I don’t get the flu shot, I don’t get the flu, and I stopped taking any antibiotics. I am also, in no way, getting paid to discuss this product.

3 Easy Ways To Stick To Your Goals

Sticking to your goals doesn’t have to be hard. Focus more on the why and want gives you a leg up.

Are You Still In the Crohn Age?

Discover the benefits of Colon-izing bacteria. Put your disease in its crypt tonight! Every disease has its Kryptonite. Back up your gut to get your health back up!

How Osteopaths Can Help In Achieving Total Wellness

With advances in both medicine and technology, one would think that modern people would have it better than their predecessors. But now, more than ever, people are becoming prone to a host of ailments.

Is Your Weight Causing You To Be Tired?

Our weight is a factor in many of our problems. It can cause us to be tired and worn out, and that’s before we try to do anything else! There are certain chemicals that cause weight gain and certain ones we can use to help get rid of the excess fat.

Tai Chi: A Chinese Secret to Better Health

In the ancient Chinese medical text entitled the “Huang Di Nei Jing” (circa 200BC) it was said that giving someone medicine after they became sick was like digging a well after they became thirsty or going to war and then making weapons. The idea was that it was easier to prevent illness rather than treat it developed early as a part of Chinese medical philosophy and became part of Chinese culture.

Music Is Powerful

Music could be a very powerful tool for mass influence. Music has always been a part of human life. We simply cannot imagine our world without it!

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