Misunderstood | A Brief History of Hemp in the US


Sustainable Living: Can You Keep Up?

Unless you are living inside a rock, everyone must be aware right now on the damages we have caused the Earth through the years. Good thing there are people who have taken the step towards sustainable living, which a lifestyle that reduces environmental impact. This kind of lifestyle is beneficial both to the Earth and the person.

Getting Infected With Covid-19 Changed My Life Forever

Covid has been ‘flavor of the month’ for quite some time now, and at the end of 2020 I got a personal taste of it myself. Not a great taste, actually. But on the positive side, while lying in bed sick with the virus I got some profound, life-changing insights which you can read about in the story below.

The Connection Between Anxiety and Inflammation

Inflammation is at the root of most, if not all, chronic disease. While the foods we eat are a primary driver of inflammation if they are packaged and processed there is another, often over looked cause. Especially with the world as it is today, this is an underlying cause you do not want to ignore.

Multiple Uses and Benefits of The Coconut – The Oil, The Water, The Meat and The Shell

There are multiple uses and benefits of the coconut. The whole coconut can be used in many ways or for many things.

Winning at the Law of Attraction

Winning at the law of attraction is impossible if you stay stuck in the unconscious patterns that you have run through out your life. I had a pattern of letting people abuse me in all sorts of ways, then just feeling really hurt and not saying anything at all so that they could understand me better. This is a pattern that took a major incident to shift but shift it I did.

Inflammation And Disease: Is Your Body On Fire?

In a nutshell, there are two kinds of inflammation – acute and chronic. Contrary to our intuition, acute inflammation is the good guy here. It has a protective function and is part of our healing mechanism. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is highly destructive to tissues and organs and is the very thing that leads every single body to its eventual demise. Fatigue, weight gain, bloating, muscle pain, joint pain, numbness, headaches, brain fog, skin conditions, PMS, asthma, allergies, MS, Hashimoto, lupus, Celiac, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s… All of these have one underlying factor in common: chronic inflammation. Luckily, chronic inflammation is not difficult to manage. Read on to find out how.

How Eating Paw Paw Seed Can Be Good For You

How to Select and Store Papaya for the Best Quality and Taste because papaya comes from Hawaii or Mexico, chances are good you’ll be able to find this fruit in a grocery store year-round but just because papaya is available 12 months out of the year doesn’t mean that every selection is a perfect one. For the best-tasting papaya, only purchase the fruit when ripe, or hold off eating the fruit until it ripens.

How to Avoid Crisis – Breakdown Before Breakthrough

Many people need a breakdown (crisis) as a wake-up call before they have a breakthrough (change their behavior). Find out how to avoid pain and suffering and be healthy and happy.

Chiropractic Care For Pain Relief, Prevention And Performance

Chiropractic care is utilized by patients for various reasons. The majority of people initially seeking chiropractic treatment are generally looking for relief of neck pain and lower back pain. However, once pain relief has been achieved many find that there are additional benefits to be received through chiropractic health care. This article will discuss what I call the “three P’s” of chiropractic; namely, pain relief, prevention and performance.

Simple Remedies for Constipation

Whether your constipation is chronic or acute, there are some simple things to try to get your GO back. You’ll look better, feel better, and last longer on this earth – and be happier about it, too. Constipation = grumpy people.

Coronavirus: What To Do?

Coronavirus: why us, why now? What are we supposed to learn from this? And more importantly, what can we do to stay safe (apart from washing hands and isolating)? Keep reading to find out.

How to Eat Mindfully

Eating without thinking about it is a common practice. When you become aware of the process of eating, you will feel more vibrant and alive!

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