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Subliminal Messages and the Midlife Crisis – Your Subliminal Secret

Are you going through or about to face the much-dreaded midlife crisis? Some people have an extremely difficult time and even take medications to help them out. But while antidepressants may work, wouldn’t it be more beneficial for you if you overcome this critical stage in the natural way?

Who’s Your Healer?

Western medicine has managed to replace the concept of self-healing as an outside-in force. Learning to re-remember that our body is a self-healing entity is paramount in these times. Current research estimates that if Americans took back their health-responsibility and made simple changes in their lifestyle, over 350,000 unnecessary deaths from cancers alone would be avoided.

Digestive Health: How Does Your Bowel Health Affect Your Relationships With Loved Ones?

The digestive system has far-reaching effects on our lives, sometimes quite further than we would like to admit. In this article, the issue of how the health of our bowel can affect our relationships with loved ones – family, friends and significant others – is discussed. In particular, the issue of living with digestive disorders and how it can affect your life and relationships is brought up. This article starts the conversation of how maintaining the health of your bowel (or improving it if has been compromised) can improve the health of your relationships! It is up to you to continue that conversation.

Homeopathy Vs Traditional Treatment

The most common questions are that what is the difference between the homoeopathic treatment and other traditional treatment? But it is very difficult to decide which is best in both of these treatments. Natural remedies or the homoeopathic treatment doesn’t prove its ability for the cure of some serious diseases. On the other end, it is impossible to prevent the body from the side-effect of the traditional treatments. Although the researchers are now try to get all to establish a link between both of this treatment procedure in order to get some effective result in the treatment of some dangerous diseases like cancer, mental health disorder or even for heart diseases. The best example of this combination is the fish oil and the chemical which is used in the fish oil for the treatment of heart or artery diseases.

Subliminal Pain Relief – Is It Possible and Effective?

Have you ever seen some wound or scratch you did not even notice you had and started to feel its pain only after you noticed it? Or have you ever experienced physical pain and had someone tell you that the pain is all in your mind?

Subliminal Messages Videos: Make Them More Effective

The mind is an interesting part of you. It is divided into two: conscious and subconscious. The former is what you use on a daily basis.

Crystal Salt Lamps and Dry Salt Therapy

Dry salt therapy, or speleo therapy, was discovered by a Polish physician in the 1800’s, when it was learned that breathing pure, ionized air in salt mines cured respiratory conditions. These salt caves can be found in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland and the Himalayans. The healing salt caves are known for their antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal benefits.

Believer or Non-Believer – Subliminal Message Experiments to Convince Non-Believers

Are you a non-believer? We’re talking about subliminal messages, this highly phenomenal technique now being used for various purposes such as advertising, personal development and achievement, and so on. Subliminal messages have developed quite a following, but it still has some serious opponents, skeptics who aren’t ready to believe that the mind can be powerful enough to affect reality.

Echinacea and Goldenseal Benefits for Your Immune System

Echinacea and Goldenseal benefits are used to treat colds and flu in herbal medicine, as well as for curing urinary tract infections. A large number of scientific studies show their benefits, making Echinacea the best-selling herbal remedy in the United States. Both support the production of white blood cells and act as a natural antibiotic in the body’s immune system.

Foods and Diet That Improve Memory Power

Memory can be affected by many factors like age, fatigue, lack of a proper nutrition, stress or lack of sleep. Poor memory can be a symptom of a major disease like brain disease, brain injury, tumor, stroke or Alzheimer’s.

Prevent Diseases With Natural Remedies For Low Immunity

Our immunity system helps us to protect the body and prevent diseases. Know the natural herbal remedies for low immunity.

10 Herbal Remedies to Improve Immunity or Immune System of The Body

Immunity system in our body is the defense system that fights with infection and diseases. Know the herbal remedies to improve immune system.

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