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Antioxidants – Chinese Medicine

Three thousand years ago the Chinese were using herbs high on antioxidants to treat disease, and maintain health. Today we are rediscovering an ancient medicine for our modern world.

Chinese Medicine – Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases

A look at allergies and autoimmune diseases from the prospective of Chinese Medicine. Qi imbalances and weaknesses are the major cause of disease, according to Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture and Herbal supplementation go a long way on the treatment of these insidious diseases.

The Source of Health and Wellness According to Chinese Medicine

In this article I will try to explain how Chinese Medicine looks at the human body, the body’s energy, and how imbalances of this energy relate to disease.  I have broken this discussion into two sections that will show how this energy relates to the formation of diseases.

The Holistic Approach to Weight Loss – It’s Healthy and Effective

You may have heard some buzz around about using a holistic approach to enhance your lifestyle and to lose weight. The truth is that a holistic approach to anything relating to people is a better approach. If you wonder what exactly it means to use this type of approach you are not alone.

Approaching Your Health Holistically

As modern medicine consistently advances to new levels, many people are neglecting their health because they are in the mindset that a “quick cure” is the best way to go. It is true that their is a pill for just about every problem, but are those medicines really good for you?

A Holistic Approach to Chiropractic Treatment

As we all know that chiropractic problems at the outset because of the result of not leading a healthy and energetic life. This article describes the various possible ways to overcome chiropractic care costs.

What is QiGong and Chinese Medicine?

Qigong is a branch of Chinese medicine or treatment, that has been in use for thousands of years but is most associated with post-Mao China at the start of the cultural revolution. The ‘qi’ in ‘qigong’ means breath or gas in Chinese, and, by extension, ‘life force’, ‘energy’ or even ‘cosmic breath’. ‘Gong’ means work applied to a discipline or the resultant level of skill, so ‘qigong’ is thus ‘breath work’ or ‘energy work’.

Treat Your Mind, Body and Spirit With a Holistic Approach to Living

Whether we are dealing with a physical problem or an emotional issue it is important to that realize that there is connection between all body systems. A holistic approach will address the problem with that in mind. Thus, the cause of the problem will be addressed and eliminated.

A Holistic Approach to Health

Having a healthy mind and body is paramount to overall wellbeing. By following simple steps you can introduce a little more healthiness into your life and benefit in ways you may have never even considered.

Chinese Medicine Colon Cleansing

There are several Chinese medicine colon cleansing products all over the market and they offer some of the best possible results in cleansing the colon and other digestive system related problems. The Chinese had been known over the years for conducting many acupuncture therapies along side a lot of available natural means of healing the body of diseases. For instance, the “Arise and shine” Chinese cleansing product is a personal colon cleaning program which believes in the use of alternative intestinal cleanse.

Slimming With the Help of Chinese Herbal Medicine

People have been fighting with the problem of weight control for centuries. Various diets were introduced but very few of them seem to have the desired results, only when combined with intense physical activity. Traditional Chinese medicine is considered as a positive alternative and it is seen as extremely efficient when it come to slimming.

Chinese Medicine – The Wonderful Mixture of Old and New

Traditional Chinese medicine also known as alternative medicine is a very important part of today’s health care system. The treatments are used to treat various disorders, relieve certain symptoms and even to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. Herbal therapy is used in Chinese medicine along with other methods of treatment, such as acupuncture, offering one the possibility of a healthy, active life.

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