Ep12 Benefits of Cannabis for Pain

Holistic Healing – The Whole Human Approach

“Treat the person, not the disease. The cause, not the effect.” These words of Dr. Edward Bach (who developed the Bach Flower Essences) describe the essence of holistic healing. It’s not the easiest course we might choose as humans. Yet many today find it the most satisfying and effective.

Bronchitis – Herbal Remedies

Bronchitis is a condition caused by the presence of harmful pathogens in the respiratory track. These pathogens can either be bacterial or viral.

Medicinal Properties of Curd – As Explained in Ayurveda

According to ayurveda the properties of curd are described as follows. The curd is sour (amla) to taste.

Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

A weight loss program shouldn’t be based on a principle “one size fits all”. There are different reasons why people gain weight. A holistic weight loss program helps to eliminate the cause of the weight gain so the weight loss and subsequent maintenance of the ideal weight happen naturally, without a struggle. Read the article for the details.

Lose Weight Using a Holistic Approach – Monitor Your Overall Health & Lose Weight!

Weight issues are prevalent. Millions of us would like to shed a few pounds. Although we try to do the right thing by using various diet programs we may find that our problem continues. That is because we did not address the real problem. A holistic approach to weight loss will address all areas of you and your life.

Diverticulitis Remedy – Holistic Approach is the Best Remedy For Diverticulitis

Are you suffering from diverticulitis? Do you get recurring attacks from it? Then you will definitely want to get rid of it for sure. I know that diverticulitis is a very painful problem. It has become common nowadays.

Losing Weight With a Holistic Approach

Most people try numerous diets before they find a program that works for them. Fortunately a holistic approach is flexible enough to help almost anyone lose weight quickly and safely. Not only will they lose weight but they will feel better, be happier, and healthier! Learn more about losing weight with a holistic approach.

Mental – Emotional Disorders and Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy and methodology posits that the body and mind are so closely connected that it is impossible to treat one exclusively of the other. In a similar vein it is also understood that in all conditions of ill-health there is both a “physical” and “mental-emotional” component. This article explores some of these relationships with a view to equipping the TCM practitioner with tools to recognize and holistically address such complex interrelationships when they appear in practice, the views in this article are based on my training, personal experience and research of the subject matter.

Nutrition Consultants to Help With a Holistic Approach to Eating

Nutrition consultants can help you decide to find a diet program that will fit into your lifestyle and fit your personality. This will help you in your goals and be customized so it will be easy to follow to guide you into a healthier lifestyle.

Treating Respiratory Problems – Medical and Holistic Approach To All Respiration Related Problems

Today, there are many studies about various approaches for healing various illnesses. Some are inclined in very traditional method where it’s proven effective for many years and many use other alternatives which were recently invented for treating some diseases.

Want to Lose Weight – A Holistic Approach Will Work!

Losing weight requires effort and a plan. Finding out the real cause of your weight gain is a good starting point. For most of us it is much more than simple overeating.

FAQ’s About Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Therapy

Even though Chinese Medicine is listed as a form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), it is a complete system of medicine by itself. Chinese Medicine stands alone, and does not need any other form of medicine to prop itself on. As more people become aware of the alternative that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine provide there is an increasing need for information as to what acupuncture is, what it can help with, and whether Chinese herbal therapy and acupuncture are safe, and effective.

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