Amazing Hemp Seed Oil Benefits & Uses for Skin, Hair & Cancer

Are You Having Problems With Your Digestion?

People have been having problems with their digestion since the beginning of time. Eve for example decided to eat the apple God had told her not to eat and the problems began.

How Our Body Responds To Stress

Stress is one of the greatest deterrents to health and well-being. Virtually all of us experience stress in our life from time to time, and our bodies are designed to respond accordingly. For example, if we encounter physical danger, the ‘fight or flight’ stress responses within our body are designed to help us protect ourselves from that danger. So long as experiences of this nature are infrequent, our body is generally able to restore its normal equilibrium without any significant long-term effect on our health. The more damaging situations are those to which we are exposed on a recurring basis, such as a stressful job, an inharmonious relationship or constant worries about finances. Even watching the daily television news programs tend to create levels of stress within us as we react emotionally to situations that seem tragic or unjust. This article explains what happens to our body when it is subjected to stress, what happens to our blood flow, our immune system and why our ability to think logically is impaired.

Medical Communities Best Kept Secret In Fighting Crohn’s and Colitis: Antioxidant Rich Bioflavanoid

OPC or (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) belongs to the family of Antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that protect the body’s cells and tissues from being damaged by oxygen free-radicals that contribute to aging and illness.

Structure Your Life To Honor Your Body’s Natural Cycles And Enhance Your Health And Well-Being

The biological processes within our bodies are synchronized to the daily planetary cycles of light and darkness. By understanding the nature of these cycles, and adjusting our daily routines accordingly, we can better support our body’s natural biological functions. The ancient science of Ayurveda divides the daily cycles into six 4-hour segments. Structuring our daily lives in a way that honors our body’s natural cycles is one of the most important things we can do to enhance our health and well-being. There are inevitably situations that arise in life that necessitate making exceptions to our normal daily cycle. But the more consistently we maintain a regular pattern of living, the better we are able to support our body’s natural processes of health and regeneration.

What Is A Holistic Healing Directory?

Over the years, people have been searching for alternate healing techniques for treating their ailments and to improve their health. Holistic medicine is a healing alternative that is attracting many people. However, many find it difficult to locate the right practitioners to guide them towards proper one.

Circulation – The Simple Truth in How It Works and How Herbs Can Improve Its Function

The Simple Truth In How The Circulatory System Works And How Herbs Can Improve Its Function. Improve your circulation with the use of natural herbs.

Without Another Co-Factor, HIV Cannot Cause AIDS

Among other human viruses, such as those causing polio, flu, hepatitis, etc., HIV may be one of the most harmless ones; it is quickly and easily neutralized by our immune system. The incubation period for every known virus does not exceed more than a maximum of 6 weeks, as is the case with the human hepatitis virus. It is a well-established biological law that any germ that does not cause symptoms before it is cleared by the immune system cannot be considered a cause of disease. No virus is capable of surviving 10-15 years in a normal healthy body with an active immune system. The AIDS theory suggests that HIV destroys the immune system’s T4 cells, thereby leaving the body susceptible to all kinds of infections and diseases. It had already been discovered in the mid-eighties that the number of HIV infected T4 cells is far too small to cause widespread destruction and that the human body is perfectly capable of replacing T4 cells faster than HIV could destroy them.

Primordial Healing Sounds Heal The Body, Mind And Spirit

Medical research has revealed that each organ in the body creates a specific sound that can be amplified by highly sophisticated measuring devices. All the various types of cells make their own characteristic sounds. Their specific electrical broadcasts differ from each other with the frequencies they produce. As a whole, a healthy body ‘sounds’ like an enormous symphony orchestra with millions of different musical instruments. All disease processes begin with a distortion of these sounds and can lead to a near-total loss of synchrony as in the case of cancer or AIDS. Can you imagine a symphony orchestra with millions of instruments all playing out of tune? What is needed is a few master musicians and a conductor who can lead and coordinate all the other musicians. Regular use of the sounds can promote profound healing in body, mind, and spirit because they are projected from our own pure awareness or Higher Self.

A Doctor’s Perspective on the 3 Simple Functions of Total Body Wellness

According to Webster’s Dictionary “wellbeing is a state of being happy, healthy or prosperous”. In order to be happy it is necessary to choose to be well. We must keep a positive attitude; we must nourish the body with good healthy food and exercise and we must engage in some productive work.

Homeopathy and Lyme: A Natural Approach to Lyme Disease

We are fortunate that in addition to conventional medicine, there are natural methods such as homeopathy, herbs and nutrition that we can use in response to infections from tick bites. If you find an embedded tick, after proper removal, wash the area with antiseptic and then use an herbal drawing salve or Ichthymol to try to draw out any bacteria that may still be near the surface. A few hours later, wash off the salve and use antiseptic again.

How You Can Master Your Pain

Pain can be very invalidating. You don’t have to suffer it. There are natural remedies that are very powerful.

Holistic Healing Methods and Natural Medicine

Holistic healers believe that any ailments you experience are effects of an imbalance within your energy. Holistic healing, simply, is a method that brings your whole being into balance acting to correct any imbalances.

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